Project Details

Project Details

     TSI SQUARE LIGHT concept rising with a different architect understanding in Hacet Square, the new favorite of Alanya center, Alanya is not only bringing a new project understanding with its living spaces and social facilities, offers a whole new perspective for life. TSI SQUARE LIGHT project, which adds a new value to both our lives and partners, gives  to Alanya a new breath.



Attentive approaches in interior spaces…


It reinterprets the standards with the careful selection of materials and the use of functional square meters. From the entrance lobby to the social areas, happiness and privilege TSI SQUARE LIGHT is coming together.



Different designs in the center of the city…


TSI SQUARE LIGHT, which is within walking distance of schools, supermarkets, hospitals and the beach, both within the city and in such a unique position, will bring a different atmosphere to the region.



A modern living complex…


TSI SQUARE LIGHT will be a modern living complex that includes the needs of luxury life from swimming pool to gym, car park to children's playground, sauna, whirlpool, massage room, male and female dressing room, cafe, will have a very different structure.



Always modern and new design…

    TSİ YAPI, which has been serving in the construction sector for more than 10 years, has signed important projects in Alanya. Our company profile has aimed to offer a good life even in the houses it has completed so far and has produced projects for the needs. In addition to its environment-friendly work system, it has become a rapidly growing company with its robust and aesthetic structures. It continues to produce innovative and modern projects that are shaped according to the needs of the future with construction and contracting works.